Out of Body

Out of Body by Christopher John Chater

Out of Body by Christopher John Chater is an exceptionally odd that for many it won’t be their cup of tea. It starts how Harley gets into a car accident with his parents and everyone dies. But he revives despite the fact that the odds were against him. As an effect, he gets fixated on death and the great beyond to the point that he tries astral projection. Everything was fine until a demon entered his body.

At first, I truly liked the characters especially Harley. His obsession with death is something that I relate to him (which is the fundamental motivation behind I wanted to read Out of Body). There were times where his conspiracies about the afterlife were a bit morbid. At to start with, I absolutely loved the characters even the villain. The character development was astounding until the last two chapters. Darren was completely useless and his very cordial personality turned to an arrogant one. I used to consider Stephanie a strong female character until she became a manic pixie dream girl. I generally thought she was shrewd and very useful to the main plot yet the writer made her distinctive toward the end of the book. Her bright personality turned around and became depressed out of nowhere and clueless. Stephanie even (spoiler!) tried to kill herself at the end which I believe that is something that she would have never done since she always considered that to be “selfish.”  I did not understand how Stephanie as known as the girl who wanted to save the world would want to kill herself at the end just because Harley almost died (again).

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Harley was the best character out of every single one of them yet the way that he did something to save Stephanie’s “soul” is simply inexcusable. I thought Harley would save his loved ones without sacrificing himself however it sadly wasn’t that way. I was expecting an alternate sort of ending yet got a remarkable inverse which wasn’t something to be thankful for. 

Out of Body is a book that is extremely intriguing at first yet shockingly the excitement that it created diminished. The book was very predictable however that being said is a decent book for people that want a quick read.

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