Loss of Reason

Loss of Reason

I cherish books and getting books from an author or a company is really energizing. A few months ago, I received Loss of Reason by Miles A. Maxwell and to make things even better, it even had the author’s signature. It is about how a bomb goes off in New York and all the difficulties that the characters go through. A very interesting part of the book is that it’s also very technical.

I grabbed Loss of Reason while I was on a train which I generally do since I appreciate reading while in transit to work or elsewhere. So with a receptive outlook, I began to read. I had to re-read the initial two pages and I could not get into the book. I do not know whether it was just me or plenty of readers could not get into the book. It was not that the book was boring or horribly written, I just do not know why I could not get into the book. Maybe it was because I have been in a reading slump? Perhaps I was just truly drained? I don’t recognize what it was.

I was not going to surrender so rapidly, so I set away Loss of Reason and attempted some other time. I was so determined to finish the book that I picked it up again and began to read. At that point it hit me… once more! I just could not get into the book. I trust that it was an excessive amount going on at once and too many characters all at once in the beginning. I thought the characters were not introduced properly and I got confounded frequently. The book was interesting, well at least the plot was. Yet, Loss of Reason was poorly written.

When I write reviews, I loathe when it’s a negative review. On top of writing negative reviews, I loathe not completing books I began. This was very disappointing for me. I feel bad terrible for simply writing this now. In any case, I’m going to be honest and give my opinion of the book. I would not recommend Loss of Reason to my family or dear companions however I would recommend it to my friend at work since he enjoys science fiction. I gave it two chances and I could not get into it and I am sorry about that. For the rating, I’d have to give Loss of Reason two out of five stars. From what I read I believe that this deserves the rating I gave it.

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