Hart Broken

Hart Broken

I am a sucker for romantic stories. I devour them and eat them like candy. And Hart Broken by Annie Arcane was no different. Well, it was, in that it tugged so deeply at your emotions and was absolutely beautiful and phenomenally written. I mean, talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

This girl…

The main character is Mickey, short for Mackensington (I am glad that she has a nickname!). Mickey is a photojournalist who never drinks. Until the night that she does. She does not do one-night-stands either, but here she is the next morning in another man’s luxurious silk bed… in a penthouse. Then there is Cale. Wonderful, god-like, sculpted Cale. Rich Cale. But there is one thing that sets him apart – he is in a wheelchair. Quickly there is a sparkle, yet they are both concealing things that they would prefer not to reveal. Both have pasts that influence how they respond to each other.

Hart Broken by Annie Arcane deals with very serious issues, but at the same time is so playful and full of laughter. At one point I think I was laughing, crying, and yelling at the same time. Yes, that can happen. I have never read a romance with a paraplegic main character, but man does it work. It is refreshing and feels very real and relatable. It is a side of romance I have never seen before and I absolutely adore it. It also shows how life is for a man in a wheelchair and brings a new perspective. It shows how they struggle on a day-to-day basis.

I am dying for the next book of this series (which is called Hart of His… cannot wait!), but I would not risk delving any juicy details by telling you why. You will just have to see for yourself.

Rating: 5 Stars

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