Azurite: Daughter of the Mountain

Azurite Daughter of the Mountain

Name: Azurite: Daughter of the Mountain

Author: Megan Dent Nagle

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Pages:  448

Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

Setting: Samaria (Fictional)

Opening Lines: ““Zora…” a smooth voice slowly beckoned, its faint whisper breaking through the fragile night air.”

Favorite Quote:  “People don’t help others from the charity of their hearts; there is always a greater agenda that will ultimately benefit them.”

Rating: 2 out of 5

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Azurite is about a princess named Zora who is the last heir to the Samarian throne. Detested by Queen Evangeline, Zora is ousted to Cara, the southernmost nation in the Realm. During her journey, she finds out that she’s a sorcerer. With the help of her wise friend, Zora will have to embrace her power called Ithilium and take back her throne. A thing that Zora doesn’t realize is that Queen Evangeline leads Samaria into darkness because of the Queen’s frightful pride and corruption. It is these trials that powers Zora to face reality about herself, her capacities, and the world as she most likely is aware it.

At first, I thought Azurite was an amazing book; a hidden gem. The only flaws that it had were the constant grammar and punctuation errors. The book had so much potential yet as I flipped page after page, everything started going downhill. In the middle of the book, I was waiting for Zora to explore her powers more but instead, I had to read what Queen Evangeline was doing with Samaria. The transition was so unnecessary and unexpected in a bad way. There were parts where I was simply skimming the pages since I wanted to know what happened to Zora. There were parts where I was simply skimming the pages since I needed to recognize what happened to Zora. Zora completely disappeared. When I was almost done with the book, I could not believe that Zora’s POV was overlooked. I have read books where every few chapters there was a different point of view and it did not interrupt the flow of the story.  But for Azurite, it simply did not feel right. The book should be about Zora’s life; about her exploring her recently discovered power and defending her entitlement to be the following ruler of Samaria. I get what the writer was attempting to do with her demonstrating to us what Queen Evangeline was doing with Samaria and its future, however I just felt like perusers ought to have seen Queen Evangeline’s doings in Zora’s perspective.

The characters’ personalities were one-dimensional, very forgettable. There were characters that were not vital to the plot and felt pointless to introduce them.  It’s hard to even figure out what was going on at the end of the book, which character was which. Jumping from character to character, forward and back in time, did not make Azurite a decent novel, no matter how good the plot was at first. The fact that the rest of Azurite was about the queen made it exhausting. There were just too many things going on, a lot of history and an excess of religion. An unpleasantly developed story. I got so angry at the ending, usually because the first half of the book was so good, that I’ve felt completely cheated at the end.

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